Reserve Dinners, what are they?
$75,000 raised for charity when Sir Richard Branson attends Reserve Dinner, pictured here with organizer Mike Faith and Rick Mills & Shaun Masterman.

After the Reserve Dinner with Sir Richard Branson one guest commented that,

“We left the table feeling all the better for having met and listened to Sir Richard, who is truly inspiring.  I valued meeting some of the other guests too.  And it felt good to have helped raise over $75,000 for the Virgin Unite charity, because we know that 100% of our donations go straight to making a positive difference, especially in Africa.”
Picture this...One evening, you’re meeting one of world’s greatest achievers, face-to-face in a casual, convivial environment. 

After enjoying pre-dinner drinks and conversation with the other guests (ten to fourteen other interesting people), the honored guest arrives and you're introduced in person.

At dinner you enjoy good food, fine wine and great conversation. The relaxed and casual atmosphere encourages interesting, free and wide-ranging conversation.
The honored guest at each dinner is a celebrity leader from the world of business, sport, or world affairs. Each dinner raises funds for the good cause they nominate.

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Recent Dinners:
Photo Gallery: Dinner with General John Abizaid
Photo Gallery: Dinner with Rob Carter, Chief Information Officer, FedEx
Photo Gallery: Dinner with Sir Richard Branson
Rob Carter, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer of FedEx, is honored guest at a Reserve Dinner in San Francisco.

How often do we get to dine in  private setting with a C level executive at a major company like FedEx?

Money raised went to Rob’s charity of choice. Rob says that Memphis is a huge center for kid’s cancer with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

"I have a special interest in retinoblastoma – a completely curable cancer when properly treated, but taking lives of children all over the world.”

Reserve Dinner with honored guest General John Abizaid.

At a private Reserve Dinner held for Plantronics and staff, honored guest General John Abizaid captivated the group.  During an evening where the discussion ranged from Iraq and world conflicts to leadership as applied to business and then to issues such as bureaucracy and organizational structures.

General Abizaid’s vast experience and candid insights made this evening a truly inspirational event. 

General Abizaid recently retired from the post of Commander U.S. Central Command and has been named the first Annenberg Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.  Donations from the evening went to Fisher House.

Reserve Dinner with honored Guest Annie Duke.

At the private Reserve Dinner, held at the Kokkari restaurant in San Francisco, honored guest Annie Duke donated for auction three of her prized bracelets from poker tournaments. Annie has achieved more ‘in-the-money’ finishes than any other female player in WSOP history.

The event raised funds for The Decision Education Foundation.

Host Mike Faith commented, "Annie was an inspiration to us all. The conversation ranged from life decisions and their consequences, to raising children, to some of the topics of today and, of course, included poker. As you can see from the photos, everyone enjoyed a fun and fulfilling evening."

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